So, you want to get tattooed?

  • The minimum age to get tattooed is Eighteen (18). This is non-negotiable.
  • No-one under Eighteen (18) is allowed in the studio without an adult.
  • Valid government ID is required such as a drivers license or passport. 
  • Children ARE NOT allowed in the tattoo booths, please find a sitter for the appointment.
  • Please eat before your appointment, getting tattooed is taxing on the body especially if you are getting your first tattoo or are working on a large piece.
  • Please also do not drink heavily before your appointment. Alcohol affects the tattooing process heavily.
  • Please do not bring your entourage to your appointment, One or Two friends are acceptable, unless you are all getting tattooed. 
  • Our shop minimum is $100 and our hourly rates are $100-$140 depending on they style of tattoo you are looking for. A portrait tattoo will not cost the same as a lettering tattoo. 

 Schedule an Appointment! 

We prefer appointments to better our clients experience, although we do accept walk ins depending on availability. Please fill out the form below to have us contact you to schedule your appointment! You can also call the studio directly to check walk in availability.

Please note, this form does not guarantee an appointment, it is for consultation purposes only. 

All appointments require a minimum $50 non-refundable deposit that goes towards the price of your tattoo. All deposits will be lost without 48 hours notice of reschedule or cancellation.

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