Jesse Powers

Jesse began his apprenticeship with us February of 2015.

Jesse enjoys tattooing new school styles and realism!

Help him level up!

Jesse is an apprentice with the studio, thus he has some guidelines to follow! There are three levels of tattooing that he needs to conquer to get his license!

Level One: Small, simple, single color pieces

Lettering, Line work, Symbols

Level Two: Up to 5"x5" color or black and grey.

Traditional, black and grey  

Level Three Larger more complicated designs.

Multiple colors, Cover-ups, Custom designs, fineline tattoos, portraits

Booking with Jesse

Fill out the form below to have the studio contact you about an appointment with Jesse.

Please keep in mind that we will be scheduling your appointment by which level it falls under. 

We are currently focusing on booking mainly level 1 & 2. You may fill out the form for level 3 tattoos however, you will be put on a waiting list for later booking.

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please note: booking time depends on which level the tattoo falls under.
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