Nick Clattenburg starting tattooing in 2008. He had been getting tattooed for several years when he realized it was something he was truly interested in. Although he was at first turned down when seeking an apprenticeship, Nick didn't get discouraged and continued working on his drawings and artistic capabilities. After 3 years of hard work and dedication he was offered a chance to learn to tattoo.

For a year and a half Nick was taught the skills  a tattoo artists needs while enhancing his artwork. Now 7 years later, he has become a skilled artist who never stops learning new things involving his craft. His favorite styles to tattoo are American Traditional, Watercolor, Japanese, some of which he has won multiple awards for. Nick thinks it is important to always make sure the client comes first, is comfortable, has a good experience at the shop, and walks out with the best artwork possible with the ideas they have.

When not working , Nick is spending time using different outlets to express his artwork and creativity. Nick is someone who cares about the clients and is always willing to help someone out when they need it. Taking pride in his artwork he wants to make sure the client gets the best custom piece they can. Come down and see him to talk about your next custom tattoo. He would love to work on it with you!